Plastic tubes for the textile industry


Plastic tubes for the textile industry

We have an agreement for the manufacture of plastic tubes with the Italian company Mariplast to manufacture and sell their products to the Iberian Peninsula.

Mariplast was established in Prato, Italy in 1969 as one of the first producers of plastic supports for the textile industry, and has since expanded to become a world leader for plastic cylinders. Today the range of products includes thousands of references, designed for all stages of yarn production: preparation for spinning, spinning (continuous, open-end, selfactin, double twist, winding, steaming and dyeing).

2004 is the year of the acquisition of Sampre 'plastic division', an Italian leader in textile accessories, such as hangers for roving and continuous bobbins, capacitors, and roving guides.

High performance and efficiency of dyeing tubes

The product range includes highly innovative and patented products designed specifically for the requirements of winding dyeing. The philosophy of the new systems is to combine the best dyeing results with the maximum simplicity of use. Single-spindle Mariplast tubes have been revolutionary -in terms of results and savings- compared to traditional dyeing cones and cylinders.

Innovation and quality for customer solutions

Mariplast quality means responding efficiently to customer needs. This means an attitude for innovation and the ability to research and design the product. The tools 'state-of-the-art' guarantee the maximum flexibility in the production of new moulds. Mariplast can respond to the individual needs of each client with proposals designed adapted to each client.

trusted materials

Mariplast offers a wide variety of raw materials, from standard Polypropylene, which is the most used for the production of cylinders from one sun to special high-temperature resins, for multi-use products.

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